5 Christmas Gifts for the Geeky Nurse

We know that nurses know a lot about science and biology, but for those that go to the extreme and are seriously into science, we’ve put together a list of 5 amazing Christmas gifts that will let them totally geek out.

  1. Beaker Wine Glasses

    From the brilliant glass makers at Periodic Tableware, these beaker wine glasses are a necessity for any science-loving person. You can easily amaze your friends when they come over for a glass of white or red, and really show off the geekiness.

  2. Science Cookie Cutters

    For those times when you need to bring extra special cookies to a dinner, why not do it in style. Science style. Yes, that’s a thing.
    Featuring 4 shapes – beaker, test tube, microscope and conical flask, your sugar cookies will never be the same.
    (And if lab-style isn’t your thing, try the Anatomical Cookie Cutters)

  3. Anatomical Heart Mug

    Nothing says ‘Medical Geek’ like a good anatomical heart. This stylish mug is great for any nurse, cardiology student, or anyone who just wants to hold a warm heart in their hands at breakfast. Not creepy at all, but we don’t judge.

  4. Motivational Posters for Nurses

    We all need a little motivation some days, and some simple words are really just enough to make you feel better. These posters are clean, simple and can bring anyone out of a mid-winter haze. Bonus is they’re an instant download, so you can get them right away! No shipping!

  5. Caffeine Molecule Necklace

    Sometimes its hard when you want to geek out but stay stylish. Thankfully we’ve got you covered. These necklaces are sterling silver, shiny and you will love the quizzical looks people give you when they try to figure out what the shape is.